who are the goobers?

Jarika Olberg & Rob Westerberg

Jarika Olberg is a 2011 graduate of Plymouth State University and has already spent time as choral director grades 4 through 12 for the Wayneflete School in Portland, Maine, and as a K-5 music teacher in Ponte Verda, Florida. She has come back to New England as choral director at Oyster River Middle School in Dover, NH and has a voice studio of her own as well. Her website is Jarikaolberg.com. She is about a light year ahead of where she should be in her development in the field of choral music and education, and continues to be a mentor to me. Her ongoing studies have quickly made her one of the most valuable resources I know with regard to both practice and pedagogy in the music classroom. “Isn’t it obvious” is her catch phrase and is almost always preceded by a concept so wonderfully articulated that it challenges your way of thinking; don’t listen to Jarika if you don’t want to be challenged.

Why start a blog with Jarika? Well… isn’t it obvious?

contact Jarika: jpolberg@gmail.com

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Rob Westerberg is Choral Director at York High School in York, Maine and Director of the Portland Community Chorus. He holds a B.M. in Music Education from Keene State College and M.M. in Choral Conducting from the University of Maine. He is past President of the Maine Music Educators Association, the Vermont Music Educators Association and the Vermont Choral Directors Association. In addition to guest directing dozens of choirs throughout northern New England, Mr. Westerberg is a frequent clinician, advisor and guest speaker. He served the Maine Department of Education in the rewriting and revision of the Maine Learning Results for the Visual and Performing Arts and worked closely with Maine’s Arts Are Basic Coalition (ABC) to monitor legislation enhancing and promoting the growth of Arts education throughout Maine. Most recently he has worked with the Department of Education to help design and implement Maine’s Arts Assessment Initiative. At York High School, he has done extensive work in the area of standards based assessment and worked with administration to establish a Graduation Requirement specifically for Music – one of the few public schools in the northeast to possess one – ensuring that music education be truly “essential for every student”.

He also wishes Homestar Runner was still around.

contact Rob: mainellama4@gmail.com

"You call that FORTE???"

“You call that FORTE???”

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