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what would happen

R – What would happen if… …students universally had more music instruction in their lives each week in 2014 than they did during the Roosevelt administration (pick either Roosevelt)? …music teachers universally used their programs primarily to educate the musically illiterate rather than … Continue reading

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R – I’ve never written on this blog before about feeling worn down. I’m feeling worn down. Fatigued. It is the closing of a school year that has been a good one in so many ways. As a matter of … Continue reading

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dream come true

R – In the Summer of 2010, Argy Nestor, then the Visual and Performing Arts Specialist at the Maine Department of Education, called me up and asked me if I would be willing to take a week in August to attend … Continue reading

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R – “Let’s realize first that the arts are not an ivory tower of retreat. They are a doing. They are a making. They are sweat, strain, cramps, blisters, tears, blood, profanity and mocking laughter.” – Robert Shaw Vivaldi’s Gloria, … Continue reading

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