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standards, assessment, blah blah blah… part 1

R – I’ve spent a lot of mental time recently thinking about where music assessment stands in the great state of Maine right now. And my concerns lie around lingering misunderstandings of 1) what a “standard” is, 2) what it … Continue reading

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high school music requirement

R – I have three questions for you High School teachers out there. Here’s question #1: “Should music education be for every student?” I wish I could hear your own individual response to this… is it “yes”, “no” or “depends”? … Continue reading

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letters to PCC: not-so-psycho analysis

R – I don’t sing so much any more (conducting really is my first love) but when I was teaching in Vermont in the early 1990’s I decided for a term to commute to Worcester, Massachusetts to perform with the Worcester Chorale under the … Continue reading

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role playing

R – Role playing… I think that we as music educators do this better than anyone else I can think of. The variety of hats we wear seems to transcend anyone else’s definition of “normal” except for ours. Think about … Continue reading

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