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R – I say it as often as I can: “Singing is fun, but music is work. The reason we commit to the work is because it’s a labor of love.” Articulation is a sticky subject for me because if … Continue reading

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pop music

J – A teacher raised a question today.. Why don’t you perform pop music? I thought about it for a second. There are a lot of things I could have said, but this is what I came up with. 1. … Continue reading

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arts dabble?

J – Each day, at school, I experience some of the most amazing and yet horrible emotions at the exact same moment in time. Every time my teaching is questioned I get a pit in my stomach, but I have … Continue reading

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you are what you eat

R – I realized early in my career that taxpayers fall into two categories, and this was before the age of “Glee”: those that view their public school music programs as “entertainment” and those that don’t. And I don’t buy … Continue reading

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warmups: reference points

R – Once upon a time as an undergraduate, you were hyperventilating over your conducting technique and trying to remember which way the darn right hand should slide on beat 2 in a three pattern, right? Do you still, or did … Continue reading

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advocacy and concert programs

R – Alrighty then, let’s say you’re a public school music teacher – pick your grade bracket –  concerned about advocacy. And let’s say you just are looking for any way at all to debunk the myriad myths people have about … Continue reading

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Why vs. What

R – Too much lip service is given to music teachers’ philosophy of doing what they do. It’s P.C. to ask “what do you do”, but it’s viewed as confrontational to ask, “why do you do that?”. And that’s a shame. … Continue reading

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