“Isn’t it obvious?”

R –  Okay, Jarika and I spend hours… HOURS… talking shop about choral music and music education. So here is a site for us to talk, vent, and articulate really obscure ideas without taking up a table at the Great Lost Bear. Then again, this may initiate more table time at the Great Lost Bear, but we’ll take that chance. It also will give us the opportunity to hear feedback from others such as, “Wow, that’s the stupidest thing I’ve read in WEEKS”, “Of all the blogs I’ve read, this is – by far – the most recent”, and “HEY, aren’t you the one who owes me $3 from that taxi cab 7 years ago in Sommerville???”. Yes, the possibilities are endless.

Then again, we do need to figure out how to work this thing first.

J – I thought about starting this because of Argy and her blog. She is able to post questions and write about everything that she is feeling throughout her journey at the Department of Ed. and the Arts Assessment Initiative, while keeping everyone questioning and talking about these very important topics.

There are so many days at school where I say “Oh, I need to write that down!” or “I need to ask someone about that?” I attempted to write in a journal but that lasted about day!

So here we goooo!

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