standards, assessment, blah blah blah… part 4

R – I have a strong conviction that standards based assessment in music begins as a mindset first and a series of actions second. If a teacher were to ask, “what should I do to make this happen?”, the answers come only after being intently analytical about the circumstances in play. For instance, individual assessment requires time. So, should this time be “in class” or “out of class” time? It depends. Should this be accomplished one on one or automated (computer)? It depends… and if computer, which is better: smartmusic or garage band or something else? It depends. Assessment of the individual during large group time is limited to things that can be readily observed. What should these items be? It depends. Your school is traditional grade based and you would need to translate your standards into letter grades… how should you do that? It depends.

What’s my point? Bottom line: communicate with others who are on the same journey and pick their brains. You have to. E-mail them. Call them. They are untapped resources for you… and that won’t change until you reach out. Attend professional development workshops that are offered around the state. Did you know there are now FOURTEEN different days of professional development STILL being offered in Maine for Arts Assessment alone, NOT including what will be offered at the All State Inservice Conference??? Check out the link below and attend one or two. Did you know there are ongoing Graduate courses being offered in Arts Assessment that also fulfills the state recertification requirement for taking one 3 credit college course? Check out the link below.

There are dozens upon dozens of options available for teachers and music programs that want to go down this road. And the “what” you do is not as critical as the “why” you are doing it. So dive in. Decide where you want to go with it conceptually and begin the process of putting together your building blocks. And have fun with it… allow it to put a microscope on how you teach, not to mention what you teach. And when you get past square one, no matter how it went, share what you did with others. We need to hear from you – really!!!

Professional Development in Arts Assessment

Graduate Courses in Arts Assessment

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