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be bop a lula

R – Back at the advent of Rock and Roll, the original host of the Tonight Show, Steve Allen, had a routine where he would take a popular song and read the lyrics as prose. The sheer ridiculousness of the … Continue reading

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have it both ways

R – One of the core issues I have with High School music programs in this country is that they often pass themselves off as academic and essential while not being so in practice, placing an emphasis on non academic goals or meeting the needs of … Continue reading

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R – I had the joy of presenting two workshops and a reading session for the New Hampshire Music Educators state conference yesterday and it was a blast. Wonderful to see former students-now-teachers, friends and colleagues as we talked shop … Continue reading

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building bridges out of witches

R – I had three moments this week that were on the one hand completely unrelated, and on the other completely tied into genuine fears I have about the juncture we’re at in education right now. We’re at a crossroads philosophically, but decisions are being made … Continue reading

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concerts and reflective thinking – part 2

R – One of the wonderful things to happen in my career has been the establishment of the grassroots, Maine Arts Assessment Initiative. The mission statement is, “Creating an environment in Maine where quality assessment in arts education is an integral … Continue reading

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the case for letter grades(?)

R – Jacob Shore is a literature Professor at Wagner College in New York. I came across an article he wrote for, in which he carries the argument that letter grades should not be banned in schools. My rebuttal is the … Continue reading

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letter grades: the big farce

R – warning, lunatic ahead. If you don’t want to read a rant by someone certifiably crazy, please close this window of your internet browser now before you read any more and get sucked in. Or at least read it … Continue reading

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