new years resolutions

R – Tis the season for New Year’s resolutions, right? So here are my top ten music teacher resolutions for 2014. Here we go!

10) remember that process is more important, and more fun, than product

9) be less weird be more weird

8) try and maintain even half the enthusiasm and energy and initiative that the newer teachers are bringing to this profession

7) get out of my room more often

6) don’t loose the “balance” to my life that I’ve worked so hard to achieve

5) stop trying to push my ensembles beyond what they are actually capable of doing (and paying dearly for it), but keep pushing them beyond what they think they are capable of doing and what I know they are capable of doing

4) practice piano more often

3) convince myself, for once and for all, that “coffee” is not a food group

2) don’t get overwhelmed, just stay organized

1) remember that no matter how fortunate I’ve been so far in my career to have “peak” experiences with my past and present students, I’ve achieved none yet with my future students – – – and I owe them at least the same opportunities

Happy New Year!


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