what would happen

R – What would happen if…

…students universally had more music instruction in their lives each week in 2014 than they did during the Roosevelt administration (pick either Roosevelt)?

…music teachers universally used their programs primarily to educate the musically illiterate rather than every other alternative on the table?

…music teachers were as universally concerned with the quality of their teaching and instructional methods as they were about the quality of their concerts?

…music teachers universally understood that group assessment is not the same thing as individual assessment?

…communities universally attended school concerts not to be entertained but rather to see the academic progress their tax money is paying for?

…music teachers who tell their underachieving students to consider leaving their programs were universally replaced by music teachers who instead made those students their highest priority?

…programs that are passed out at concerts universally had more in them than just the music titles, acknowledgements and student names?

…music teachers universally made it a point to skype/facetime/zoom at least one colleague outside their own building at least once a week all year long?

…every High School universally required every student to pass at least one music course to receive their diploma?

…every music teacher universally made it a point to have deep philosophical discussions with a colleague who has opposite views precisely because they have opposite views, instead of avoiding discussions with them precisely because they have opposite views?

…what if a music teacher’s response to slashes in instructional time resulted in the removal of the concert rather than reduction of foundational instruction in literacy?

…what if the community was outraged at the cancellation of that concert?

…what if the community found out that the concert was canceled because instructional time was slashed?

…what if the instructional time was reinstated because of the community outrage?

…what if music teachers universally spent more time talking about the controversial issues in our profession than they do about how cool the latest Eric Whitaker virtual youtube choir is?

Just asking.


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