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R – “Let’s realize first that the arts are not an ivory tower of retreat. They are a doing. They are a making. They are sweat, strain, cramps, blisters, tears, blood, profanity and mocking laughter.” – Robert Shaw Vivaldi’s Gloria, … Continue reading

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concerts and reflective thinking – part 2

R – One of the wonderful things to happen in my career has been the establishment of the grassroots, Maine Arts Assessment Initiative. The mission statement is, “Creating an environment in Maine where quality assessment in arts education is an integral … Continue reading

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letters from marv, part 2

R – Here is the second set of excerpts from of a set of articles I published just over 20 years ago for the Vermont Choral Directors association. In part 1 I gave some background on Marv and his impact … Continue reading

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letters from marv, part 1

R – Everybody needs (deserves) a mentor. I’ve had several who helped mold me into the director I am today. But when I began my career as a choral director, I found an amazing one; someone who challenged me intellectually … Continue reading

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goal setting

R – I am reaaaaallllly tempted to hate goal setting. Not in a “I gotta sit down and do this and I don’t wanna” kind of way, but it just seems like every Fall that’s what we all get in … Continue reading

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difficult intervals

R – A couple of weeks ago I was getting ready for school thinking about how singers, at the heart of it, only struggle with singing specific melodic intervals. In other words, harmonic considerations completely aside for a moment, there’s … Continue reading

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spot on teaching

R – Yesterday I had correspondences with two colleagues of mine, both of whom coincidentally are former students as well. One of them forwarded me a wonderful blog post on the value of music education to 21st century learners (please … Continue reading

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standards, assessment, blah blah blah… part 1

R – I’ve spent a lot of mental time recently thinking about where music assessment stands in the great state of Maine right now. And my concerns lie around lingering misunderstandings of 1) what a “standard” is, 2) what it … Continue reading

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letters to PCC: not-so-psycho analysis

R – I don’t sing so much any more (conducting really is my first love) but when I was teaching in Vermont in the early 1990’s I decided for a term to commute to Worcester, Massachusetts to perform with the Worcester Chorale under the … Continue reading

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sacred music police

R – preface: I have spent 11 of my 25 years in this profession as a president or president-elect of a state ACDA or NAfME organization. All that means is that I have been in a position to hear what’s … Continue reading

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