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R – “Let’s realize first that the arts are not an ivory tower of retreat. They are a doing. They are a making. They are sweat, strain, cramps, blisters, tears, blood, profanity and mocking laughter.” – Robert Shaw Vivaldi’s Gloria, … Continue reading

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concerts and reflective thinking – part 2

R – One of the wonderful things to happen in my career has been the establishment of the grassroots, Maine Arts Assessment Initiative. The mission statement is, “Creating an environment in Maine where quality assessment in arts education is an integral … Continue reading

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letters from marv, part 2

R – Here is the second set of excerpts from of a set of articles I published just over 20 years ago for the Vermont Choral Directors association. In part 1 I gave some background on Marv and his impact … Continue reading

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letters from marv, part 1

R – Everybody needs (deserves) a mentor. I’ve had several who helped mold me into the director I am today. But when I began my career as a choral director, I found an amazing one; someone who challenged me intellectually … Continue reading

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george seurat and choral performance

R – The first of my two Portland Community Chorus performances was last night and I was really pleased with how it went. There were gobs of moments where I feel the chorus captured the artistic intents of the composers … Continue reading

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the concert: audience as performer

J – This video is from our January Grades 6-12 Combined Chorus Concert. About 3/4 of the way through our concert I had the Middle School and Upper School Choirs walk right into the audience and taught them all Freedom is Coming (a traditional African … Continue reading

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the concert: – promoting music literacy #1

J – This video contains the Sight Reading segment from the Lower School Concert in December. The audience joined me in an exercise very similar to the one the 4-5ers partake in weekly. WHY DO THIS? 1) TO TEACH THE … Continue reading

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the concert

J – Yes, I know it’s a little late. I am feeling a little guilty about taking this long… but here it is. THE CONCERT! Of course most of you know- EVERYTHING that could go wrong in the couple of weeks … Continue reading

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